Meet the Team

Meet the Heatpac Team

Office and Accounts

Ray Ingledew – Managing Director 39 years

Linda Ingledew- Managing Director 39 years

Callum Green – Manager – Middlesbrough – 5 years

Charlotte Philips — office and accounts manager Middlesbrough 5 years

Christine Green – 3 years -Middlesbrough business admin


Michael McDonald Surveyor and Quality Manger 20+ yrs Middlesbrough

Raymond Ingledew 20+ years Middlesbrough

Cavity Walls and Loft Insulation Installers

Ben Jones 17 years Middlesbrough

Darren Green Middlesbrough 8 years

Michael Green Middlesbrough 4 years

Ashley Ingledew Middlesbrough 14 years

Micheal Ingledew Middlesbrough 14 years

James teesdale Middlesbrough 8 years

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