Middlesbrough Insulation Company Limited, t/a Heatpac, is a family business located in Middlesbrough. Our business operations extend to North East England, North Yorkshire, and the surrounding regions. Ray and Linda Ingledew founded our company in 1976, and since then, we have been dedicated to offering our customers a service that is not only high in quality but also efficient and amicable. We are proud to be associated with various esteemed organizations, such as Trustmark, FBA, STORMA, NIA, The Installation Assurance Authority, and Gas Safe, as part of our continued growth and commitment to excellence.

Tony Blair Middlesbrough Heatpac

The installation of Cavity Wall Insulation in the UK’s five millionth home through the then-government’s Warm Front initiative, with valuable assistance from former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Mr. Blair actively contributed to the reduction of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by facilitating the implementation of cavity wall insulation, a highly effective technique for improving energy efficiency. As a direct result of this initiative, Mrs. Joan Harrison of Chilton, Ferryhill, County Durham experienced a significant decrease of over 20% in her annual heating bill. The selected insulation material, Crown Supafil, provided by KnaufAlcopor, played a crucial role in achieving this remarkable outcome. Notably, the financial burden of the installation was fully covered by the Warm Front initiative, previously recognized as the Home Energy Efficiency Scheme.

In above image right to left:
Tony Blair (Former Prime Minister),
Joan Harrison (5 millionth customer),
Ian Hopkinson (Chairman of CIGA),
Ray and Linda Ingledew (Heatpac),
and Ross Laing (Chairman of the NCIA)

In the picture, Former PM Tony Blair presents Mrs Harrison with her CIGA 25 year guarantee