Why Install Loft Insulation?

Heat naturally travels upwards, resulting in a significant loss of up to 25% of heat in an uninsulated dwelling, primarily through the roof. By insulating your loft, you can effectively mitigate heat loss and subsequently lower your heating expenses.

It is worth noting that loft insulation can remain effective for a remarkable duration of up to 40 years, making it a worthwhile investment that can yield substantial savings every year.

Reasons to install new loft insulation can include:

  • Existing material may have incurred damage due to continuous usage or deteriorated over time since its installation.
  • Inadequately fitting or loosely installed insulation can result in heat leakage.
  • Roof leaks or malfunctioning tanks/pipes can lead to water damage.
  • Any previous electrical or plumbing work conducted in the loft area might have caused damage or improper replacement of the material.
  • If your loft has undergone woodworm treatment without removing the old insulation, it may have been affected during the process.
  • Frequently, new insulation is placed on top of the existing material. Although the new layer may initially appear satisfactory, it could potentially conceal damaged or missing material underneath.
  • A poorly insulated roof can be the cause of up to 25% of a household’s heat loss.

Our Loft Insulation services can include:
Loft clearance
Walkways and storage fitting
Woodworm treatment
Water tank and pipe insulation
Old/damaged insulation removal
New insulation fitted using mineral fibre to the thickness you desire 150mm or 450mm