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How Much Does Cavity Wall Insulation Removal Cost?

“I have wet cavity wall insulation and it is causing damp in my house. How much will it cost to remove the cavity wall insulation?”
This is the question Heatpac get asked more than any other and is very hard to answer because of the huge number of variables. There are different materials which may be in the wall, it can be in very different condition and the building itself may have access issues. For example, loosely installed dry fibre will extract very easily but flood damaged or very wet fibre will take a lot longer.
Expanded foam can be different every time due to the adhesive mix when installed and so one foam job can take twice as long as an identical property down the road. Every property needs to be surveyed and any company offering prices over the phone should be avoided! It is always a good idea to ask a company what equipment they use, what accreditations they have and how they go about the cavity wall insulation removal. We really do see some very unusual and quite inappropriate approaches!

That said as a very rough guide, a 3 bed semi detached should cost something in the region of £800.00 – £1,500. A 3 bed bungalow would be anywhere from £750.00 – £1,500. High rise properties would have to be on a site by site basis. Anything over 4 storeys will require scaffolding and potentially mast climbers depending on the property construction. You would not be able to extract cavity wall insulation by abseiling.
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